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Free Karaoke Wednesday Night

Every Wednesday night is like a free-for-all at The Dirty Martini! With no cover charge, and no additional cost for both karaoke and pool, it’s definitely the mid-week destination for anyone who wants their weekend to start early.

They have over not just a thousand, but over 30,000 songs, dating as far back as the 1950s. This ensures there’ll be more than enough material to (drunkenly attempt to) sing your heart out to. If karaoke isn’t your weapon of choice, don’t worry. DJ Allier is always there mixing song favorites and music videos on huge screens for you to watch while you dance.

The alcohol will be flowing for cheap with drink specials all night, and the pool will be as free as you’re feeling (thanks to all those cheap beverages).

So any Wednesday, or every Wednesday, if you’re feeling bored you know you can always head on down to The Dirty Martini for a good time at a barely-there price.

The Dirty Martini
2801 Leavenworth St. SF
inside The Historic Cannery Building


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