Sake 1, Saturday at Amoeba Records

Originating from San Francisco, Sake One (whose name has stuck from his days as a graffiti artist) is now a highly lucrative DJ, having spun shows all over–leaving a trail that spans all the way from Los Angeles to London. Alas, he has not forgotten the little people. This upcoming Saturday at 2PM he will be shaking the frame of Amoeba Records as he gives us all a free taste of his new, collaborative efforts with Latin label Fania.

Whether you’ve been following his flourishing career from the get-go, or you simply want to hit the dance floor in the middle of the day (though lacking the beverages of an actual club, they’re also lacking the cover charges-you win some, you lose some), Amoeba Records is a key spot to pop in this Saturday afternoon. If you’re planning on getting a good view I suggest you get there early, unless you’re content with being crammed between the aisles while actual customers try to squeeze by.

Amoeba Records
1855 Haight St.
San Francisco, CA 94117


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